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A G Robershaw was the youngest son of William Wesley Robershaw and Mary Galbreath. He was born April 13, 1909 in Blount Co. Al. He married Eula Audry Wallace,  Jan. 10, 1931 in Alabama City, Al. by the Rev.J. Chambers. A G,  had several  different occupations during his life, from working in a stone quarry, to managing apartments in Chicago,Ill. However he will always be remembered as a Free Will Baptist Minister!! He Pastored numerous Churches throught the Etowah Co. area, and one of the last he Pastored was the Baptist Church in Chula Vista, Ca.

The 1940 Census

A G and Audry with sons Robert and  Wesley .

A G and Audrey with first born William [Bill]

A G, with Mother Mary Galbreath at stone quarry

Note: A G is name not his initials!!

Pictured above; Bill, a friend Mr. Lipinski, Aubrey Gerald, Andrew, Uncle Lester, Uncle A G, and boy in middle is son Wesley, the other two boys are Lipinskis.
Above, brothers Andrew, Bill and Aubrey Gerald!!
A young Aubrey with a friend?
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