A G Robershaw Family

Page Eleven

Uncle A G is on the left and son Andrew is in the checked shirt holding a Bible! I don't know the other gentleman and his wife!! The picture was likely taken on Sunday as Uncle A G was a Baptist Minister!!
A good looking Robert Robershaw, he was the 3rd oldest son! A life long truck driver working mostly out of Chicago!!
Robert on the right and his son Robert Earl Robershaw on the left. This picture was taken in 1999. Robert Earl was also in the trucking industry!!
This looks like Robert Earl was on vacation somewhere out west?
Well Robert finally did it right and had a girl. Above is daughter Michelle and her husband Phillip Welch and their two daughters Tabitha in back and Ashley on the right!!
This is Robert with his two son's, Kevin on the left and Robert Earl on the right!!
Cousin Bob doing some sight seeing? I think he is looking for dinner!!
This is a very good picture of cousin Andrew on the left. Unfortunately cousin Wesley on the right was talking and had his mouth open!!
Robert Earl having a break! Unfortunately, Robert Earl only lived to be 47 years of age. He died of a heart attack in 2003!!
This is a younger picture of cousin Andrew. Andrew had epilepsy from and early age and never had a Family!!
This is cousin Lura Mae on the right talking to and older lady! Due to the back lighting, it is hard to identify her?
Cousin Bill was the oldest son of Uncle A G and Aunt Audrey. He was the 1st truck driver in the Family and started the truck driving tradition in the Family!!
I do not know the lady in the picture above? The picture above was with a group of picture's of Lura Mae and the elderly lady!!
Lura Mae's daughter, Theresa Martin Alsworth on the left above! I don't know the lady on the right.
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