Love Potpourri Page Two
Jefferson Davis Love and wife Ethel Ray of Clay County, Alabama. Jeff Love was born in 1863 and died in 1923 in Alabama. He and his wife are buried at the Millerville Baptist Church in Clay County. He was the brother of my grand father George Love. Jeff's parents were Lee Love and Mary Anna Nappier. She was originally from Tennessee, according to the 1860 census Lee was born in Alabama!
Above is a marriage certificate for a second marriage in Texas, his 2nd wife is Mary Flourway? Not sure of spelling. According to the 1900 census they had one son Moses. John Willy was also was a farmer and had six children by first wife Nancy Teat in Alabama!
John Willey Love was born in 1857 in Benton County, {now Calhoun Co.} Alabama in 1857. He was the oldest child of Lee and Mary Love. My Aunt May said that he visited them in Alabama as and old white haired man who claimed he was related, but he was broke so they drove him back to Texas. She didn't understand the connection or any details about where in Texas! From Clay Co. records: John W. LOVE to N. F. TEAT on December 30, 1879, by J.H. Robison, OM. Bond: John W. Love
(his mark) and W.T.J. Duncan.
I would like to Thank Linda Love for sharing the photo and documents with the Family!! Linda is related by marriage to Jack Love, a descendant of Jefferson Davis Love!
This is before and after pictures of Jefferson Davis Love, wife Ethel Ann Ray and Family!! I was given the picture on the left by my niece Denise Lunsford Holmberg, with another of Grandfather George Love and his Family. The picture on the right has been digitally restored. Cousin Maylon Mullins has confirmed, it is her grandfather Jefferson Davis Love and her father is the male behind her grandparents!! Unfortunately the other photo of George Love and Family was to bad to be restored!!
Mom's boy friend she dated when she was 16. Mr. Leon Pearson.
Cousin Huel Love of Talledega, not sure of age, but looking like and attorney already!!
This is my grandmother Josephine Nance Love and her home in Lafayette, Alabama!
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This is a photo of flowers etc: at Uncle Tim Love's funeral in Valley, Alabama!
This is a copy of invitation to Huel's parents 50th wedding Anniversary!