Brian Faulkner

Professional Chef

Austin, Texas

Brian is a member of the Love side of our Family!! His Great Grandmother was Frankie Elizabeth [Lizzie] Love . His Grandmother was Lena Mae Brown and his Mother is Vivian Faulkner who also lives in Texas. Vivian has been very helpful sharing pictures and information about this side of our Love Family!! On either side are Diplomas proving his right to brag about his work as a Chef. Below are some examples of his artistry!!!!
I think my favorite is the pie with the berries above. I also like the yellow one on the right. Feel free to pick your own Favorite!! If I ever get to Texas, he promised to fix dinner for me!!
Frank likes to travel when he is on vacation? It's pretty obvious he is in Las Vegas in the 1st two pictures on the left. A fun place to visit for sure? Unless you lose $$. Next he is being kissed by a Dolfin at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. And the last two pictures are with Mickey & Donald at Disney world in Orlando, Florida!!
A modern Brian in the picture with his comfort dog above, he would be at home in my neighborhood, everybody has a dog. And on the right, what would life be like without a cell phone?
Baby Brian with his Grandfather Clarence Crawford & a mature Brian on the right!! Thank You Brian, for sharing with the Family!!!!!!!!!

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